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political prize is going to be in 2012 and northern virginia is the key which is why we have michelle obama here in fredericksburg here today. this presidential campaign has been focused on the economic challenges took a turn to the foreign policy and the turmoil in the middle east. this is what michelle obama had to say. >> i want to say how truly heart-broken barack and i are about the horrific tragedy that occurred earlier this week in libya. i'm not sure if everyone is aware. but our hearts and prayers are with the families of those who gave their lives serving our country. >> reporter: now, mitt romney had his rally in the heart of fairfax today. his comments about the unrest in et middle east yesterday caused some controversy. so today he tried to turn the focus back to the economy. >> mitt romney! >> reporter: a crowd of more than 2,000 cheered mitt romney's arrival in fairfax and he began by acknowledging the attack on the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. >> we're thinking about their families and those that they left behind. what a tragedy to lose such a wonderful -- >> repor
. >> michelle obama was on the trail in north carolina wednesday. drumming up support for her husband. >> if barack wins north carolina, we will be well on our way to putting barack back in the white house for four more years. >> the president and mitt romney will meet in colorado in just two weeks for their first debate. the theme of the first debate is domestic policy. it will be separated two six segments. each lasting 15 minutes. the topics will be announced shortly. at the white house, danielle nottingham, back to you, derek. >> thank you, danielle. and this evening, mitt romney making his case to latino voters. he'll be participating. that's going to be before he gets to a rally in miami. president obama gets his turn on the spanish language tv network thursday. >> we have a special health and consumer alert for you tonight and it's about arsenic levels in the foods you eat. first it was concerns about apple juice. now questions raised about the safety of rice. a consumer reports investigation found troubling levels of arsonic in a variety of products from baby cereals to ri
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2